The bone density defines the bone quality of a person. Young people have strong and healthy bones as compared to the old ones. Bones will always degrade with age.

What is the science behind osteoporosis?

The universe works on important phenomena known as the balance of life. This balance will be disrupted once the adults have reached the bones’ mass peak age. This will, in turn, lead to shedding off the bone minerals in a process known as resorption. To counter this process, the body has a mechanism of depositing minerals to the bones thus ensuring that this balance is always maintained. To maintain this balance, the bone minerals shed off should match the minerals absorbed back to the bones. Osteoporosis will results when this balance is not maintained leading to weakening of the bones. Weak bones are vulnerable to fractures. The following are some of the healthy practices that are helpful in preventing osteoporosis.

Eating calcium, stay longer

Calcium is an elemental mineral that helps in the strengthening of the body’s skeleton. For healthy living, you should consume about 1g of calcium on a daily basis. Women are at a high risk of developing osteoporosis after menopause. They are advised to increase their calcium intake by 50% to avoid this condition.

No alcohol, no soda, no smoke

Medical sciences have proven that these elements are known for enhancing dissolution of skeleton thereby compromising the bone’s structure. Individuals who are into these habits are advised to convert them. Instead, they should adopt healthy and good habits such as lifting weights and exercises.

Basking in the sun

This is the best way of boosting the absorption and intake of vitamin D. Vitamin D will, in turn, increase the calcium’s absorption in the body. The recommended daily intake of vitamin D is about 1000-2000 UI.

Eating nuts

Nuts are loaded with calcium and proteins. They are helpful in replenishing the natural lubrication as well as reducing damage and friction to your body. Nuts are useful in tightening the joints. Peanuts, almonds, and walnuts are some of the healthy foods.


Watch out your belly fat

Your health will greatly be affected by the diet you take. Consuming a lot of junk foods can make you suffer from various health conditions. Instead, you should consume more organic and natural foods. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the best method of rescuing your health when it has some issues.

Effective tips for reversing and preventing osteoporosis
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