The process of going green can be a daunting undertaking especially if you do not put up the necessary measures. Accepting the small changes and adopting the energy saving measures can have a great impact on your home. Other than being earth-friendly, going green can help you in saving money. Jumpstarting a new and improved lifestyle is a process that should start from home. The following are some of the effective ways that can help you in saving energy going green.

Switching to LED and compact fluorescent lights

Switching to these lights is one of the best ways of reducing energy usage and expanding the life of your bulbs. CFLs can save about 50 % of the total energy and they can serve you ten times longer as compared to the conventional incandescent. These lights/bulbs are also more efficient.

Airdrying your laundry

This is considered as one of the most effective and energy saving technique. It is estimated that the use of dryers can increase your household bills by six percent. Sunlight has natural disinfecting and bleaching properties that help in killing germs and getting rid of stains.


Using laptops instead of desktops

Switching from desktops to laptops can save the energy consumption by 75%. The laptop should be unplugged from power when it is not in use. Investing in smart powerstrips is another great way of cutting off energy consumption.

Turning off the lights when they are not in use

You should encourage your family members and children to switch off your lights when no one is using them. You can save energy by opening up your drapes and utilizing natural sunlight.

Warming the eco-friendly way or staying cool

This can be done by avoiding the use of air conditioners. Opening the windows and switching on the ceiling fans can help you in staying cool. You can also stay warm by insulating the windows in winter by use of long heavy drapes. Layering your clothing is another great way of staying warm naturally. Heat-inducing appliances should be reduced in the house.

Installing window treatments

This involves making use of energy efficient coverings or window treatments such as films, blinds, and shades. Doing so will help you in slashing heat gain when there is an increase in temperature. Apart from improving the value and look of a home, these devices are also helpful in reducing energy costs.


Bringing in sunlight

Artificial lights should be switched off during daylight hours. You can brighten your home by using skylights and windows.