If you are going camping and want to build a campfire, or if you are at home and want to enjoy the heat from the fireplace, then you will need some wood. You can buy the wood yourself, but to add more fun to the game, you should definitely try chopping your own lumber. Chopping logs can be a glorious thing. You get to be a lumberjack for the day, use cool tools, and work up a little sweat. In the act of wood chopping, you will need a tool for splitting your lumber. There are various tools for log chopping, and we’ve got three options that we will break down for you and give you some details on which will work best for your needs.


ltd79dAn ax is made for splitting, felling, shaping, and cutting wood. It is big and burly, but it is also cumbersome and heavy. It has a fine sharp edge on a thin and slender head. It is designed to break small logs apart by splitting along its grain. It uses its heavy weight, sheer force, and momentum to hack down the lumber with several forceful strokes to the timber. When choosing the right ax for you, you should consider the material, the weight, and the length of it to make sure you can properly handle it.


A hatchet is smaller than an ax. You can simply cut down logs with only using one hand with hatchets as your tool. It is very good with chopping small logs, but won’t do much good if you are trying to chop larger sized logs. Their miniature size lets you squeeze into smaller spaces and lets you do fewer backswings when compared to the ax that needs two hands to do the job. When going camping, hatchets are extremely useful. They other than cutting down logs, they can be used as a camp tool for breaking down game meat, make shavings or hone sticks, and they could also be an alternative for a camp survival knife.


utyr593gThe maul is blunt and fat, an opposite with the characteristics of the ax. In some lumber cutting cases, the splitting maul is the preferred instrument to do the job. It is designed to force wood fibers apart by dividing it into two parallel to the grain. With its dull edge, it makes a crack between the fibers and the head of the maul forces it apart with repetitive pressure.

Wood splitting tools
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